Saturday, June 11, 2011

Companies Quickly See the Benefits of Switching from Paper Towels

Businesses that have failed to make the move from paper towels to electric hand blowers, are incurring unnecessary costs and harming the environment at the same time. By using electric hand dryers, business owners can be saving the destruction of trees.  You may think that the paper towels you are buying are a cheap expense but you have to look at the big picture.  Add up your expenses on paper towels over a year for a well trafficked restroom and I’m sure you’ll see that the cost adds up.

You can take it a step further.  Picture eliminating the need for buying paper towels any more.  Then you save on the plastic bags you normally would use to dispose of the paper towels and the expense of disposing of them in the landfill.  If people had no reason to use paper towels for drying their hands and just used a wall mounted automatic hand dryer instead – the waste would be eliminated.

The optimum model to replace the towels is an automatic model hand dryer.  That way even electricity to run the device is controlled.  It turns itself off after a certain amount of time.
It’s true that you will likely have to invest in the initial cost of the dryer as well as the expense of installation.  But that investment is a onetime expense.  After that, your only cost is the electricity to run the dryers.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Full of Germs

The great thing is technology has brought that to a doable task with automatic toilets, motion sensor run faucets, and automatic hand dryers.  The one item you cannot avoid at this point is the door and lock on the inside of the stall.

Many of the newer public bathrooms are equipped with automatic touchless soap dispensers. Washing your hands is the best habit you can practice to ward off your exposure to germs. The hands free soap dispensers are a great idea since people coming right out of the stall likely use their germ ridden palm to pump up on the soap dispenser.  The newer ones are much more sterile.

Many of our public bathrooms also now have the automatic faucets.  This is another huge advancement in helping you avoid some of the worst germs.  Think about it.  People coming out of the stalls and have to use their hands to turn the water on.  The automatic faucets remove the spread of germs on the faucet handles.  They are also responsible for saving resources.  Your money and our precious water supply.  No more faucets left on by careless patrons.

Commercial equipment suppliers for public bathroom facilities are really doing their best to make public bathrooms less of a threat to the public’s health.

That's one of the main advantages of a touchless automatic hand dryer used in public restrooms. It's one less surface share by countless others. You get to wash your hands and dry them without touching any additional areas.

Office Buildings will Enjoy Great Savings

The cost of paper products is always rising and it should be easy to see that switching from a paper towel method of drying hands to an automatic hand dryer with warm air used to dry hands is a good way to save money.  An easy way to save on the cost of a constant purchase of paper towels.

Many public bathrooms located in newer office buildings feature all the bells and whistle in their restrooms.  These bathrooms usually don’t get the beating public bathrooms do when located in high traffic areas.  If a landlord plans on getting businesses to rent space and pay a good buck, they have to keep the premises up and the bathrooms are a key element.  These businesses are likely to expect visiting clients and they don’t want a run down or dirty bathroom ruining the professional image they are trying to portray.

Even offices that are regularly cleaned by a diligent cleaning crew can be loaded with germs. People sometimes come to work even though they’re feeling sick.  Maybe their financial situation is forcing them to come to work even though they’re spread germs.  The touchless setup in office building is the way to go.  It is the only weapon against spreading germs and perhaps help keep the spread of sickness.

Touchless Operation is the Best

The standard turbo blowing air used to dry hands in public bathrooms are efficient at getting the job done as long as you give it adequate time to work.  The newest models found on the market have come a long way from the early designs.  Now ceiling fan manufacturers are well aware the companies are interest in cutting overhead costs in any way they can.  Saving money on paper towels is one cost saver but these manufacturers are now producing styles that save heavily on their electric usage.  They are much more efficient and get the job done quicker saving more electricity.

Avoid the Germs You Are Exposed To

I'm talking about your experiences in some of public bathrooms with the worst reputations.  Three of the most germ ridden bathroom areas are typically gas stations, camp site, and rest stops.  These restrooms are visited by a large amount of individuals and even if maintenance and cleanliness is diligently seen to, the sheer amount of traffic often give in to any attempts to sterilize the bathrooms.

Although, some gas stations have really stepped up the quality of the facilities they offer.  Some with modern bathrooms with automatic features. Most savy business minded individuals realize that using paper towels instead of electric hand dryers is like throwing profit money away.