Saturday, June 4, 2011

Full of Germs

The great thing is technology has brought that to a doable task with automatic toilets, motion sensor run faucets, and automatic hand dryers.  The one item you cannot avoid at this point is the door and lock on the inside of the stall.

Many of the newer public bathrooms are equipped with automatic touchless soap dispensers. Washing your hands is the best habit you can practice to ward off your exposure to germs. The hands free soap dispensers are a great idea since people coming right out of the stall likely use their germ ridden palm to pump up on the soap dispenser.  The newer ones are much more sterile.

Many of our public bathrooms also now have the automatic faucets.  This is another huge advancement in helping you avoid some of the worst germs.  Think about it.  People coming out of the stalls and have to use their hands to turn the water on.  The automatic faucets remove the spread of germs on the faucet handles.  They are also responsible for saving resources.  Your money and our precious water supply.  No more faucets left on by careless patrons.

Commercial equipment suppliers for public bathroom facilities are really doing their best to make public bathrooms less of a threat to the public’s health.

That's one of the main advantages of a touchless automatic hand dryer used in public restrooms. It's one less surface share by countless others. You get to wash your hands and dry them without touching any additional areas.

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