Saturday, June 11, 2011

Companies Quickly See the Benefits of Switching from Paper Towels

Businesses that have failed to make the move from paper towels to electric hand blowers, are incurring unnecessary costs and harming the environment at the same time. By using electric hand dryers, business owners can be saving the destruction of trees.  You may think that the paper towels you are buying are a cheap expense but you have to look at the big picture.  Add up your expenses on paper towels over a year for a well trafficked restroom and I’m sure you’ll see that the cost adds up.

You can take it a step further.  Picture eliminating the need for buying paper towels any more.  Then you save on the plastic bags you normally would use to dispose of the paper towels and the expense of disposing of them in the landfill.  If people had no reason to use paper towels for drying their hands and just used a wall mounted automatic hand dryer instead – the waste would be eliminated.

The optimum model to replace the towels is an automatic model hand dryer.  That way even electricity to run the device is controlled.  It turns itself off after a certain amount of time.
It’s true that you will likely have to invest in the initial cost of the dryer as well as the expense of installation.  But that investment is a onetime expense.  After that, your only cost is the electricity to run the dryers.

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